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All members of our staff at Redec Pharmacy work together to help you experience a good life by, first and foremost, assisting you in achieving good health.

We take the time to know you, your condition, and your needs so that, through personalized pharmacy services, your good health is something that is realistically achievable and maintainable.

More than just a place to get your prescriptions filled…

We do not just handle prescriptions – our pharmacy does more than just refills. Here is the complete list of services we offer:

pharmacist looking at a bottle of medicine

Free Delivery/Pick-up

You can take advantage of our delivery or pick up services at no additional cost. Get access to your prescriptions easily.

pharmacist showing a bottle of capsules

Medication Synchronization

Convenience is what our customers want so we give you a convenient solution of getting your multiple prescriptions at the same day each month.

pharmacist showing an old man a box of medicine tablets

Medication Therapy Management (MTM)

We will help you keep track of your medications, take note of their effects on your overall health, and ensure optimal medication compliance.

pharmacist vaccinating a young man

Travel Immunization

Protect yourself from various diseases when traveling to other places. Get immunized at our pharmacy prior to your trip!

scientists working in a laboratory

Medication Flavoring

When your children don’t like the bitter taste of medicine, we offer medication flavoring so they can take their medicines.

pharmacist showing a bottle of medicine

Auto Refill/Refill Reminders

Never run out of medications by allowing us to have your prescriptions refilled and prepared automatically.

medicine compounding

Non-sterile Compounding

Our pharmacist will prepare specific doses for our patients with certain conditions, such as those who have troubles with swallowing.

diabetic person doing glucose level blood test

Diabetes Education

Our knowledgeable and experienced pharmacy staff will educate patients and families about diabetes and what they can do to manage the condition.

pharmacist assisting a customer

Weight Loss Consultation

Are you trying to lose weight? Consult with our pharmacist first to know how you can safely reach your weight loss goals.

We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers so we make sure that they receive our undivided attention and care upon visiting our store. If you wish to engage our services, drop by our pharmacy or contact 803-802-3001 for inquiries.