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Redec Pharmacy provides non-sterile compounding services. We prepare customized medications that fit the unique health needs of our patients.


We closely work with your prescribing doctor to ensure that we are preparing the right doses for you. Depending on your situation, we can make medications that you can easily drink, swallow, or apply to your skin.

The great advantage that compounding offers is for the patient to choose different forms of a medication. Furthermore, even though this particular practice of compounding is considered “non-sterile,” you can rest assured that our pharmacist and pharmacy technicians will facilitate the compounding procedure in a strictly monitored laboratory setting with stringent rules and policies. We believe we are responsible for the medications we dispense. Consequently, this makes us responsible for the health of our patients.

If you require non-sterile compounding services, please inform us by contacting 803-802-3001. We will proceed with the service as soon as all parties involved have discussed your necessities, especially with the coordination of your prescribing physician.