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If you’re maintaining more than one prescription medication, getting refills for each type of medication can be a lot of hassle. We have a solution that you can get affordably at Redec Pharmacy!

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Many patients are prescribed with multiple medications. At times, they often make multiple trips to the pharmacy just to get these medications. Instead of taking their much-needed rest, patients are inconvenienced.

At Redec Pharmacy, we hear your thoughts. We offer medication synchronization. Through this program, you will be able to get all of your prescriptions in one single date every month. We take a look at the renewal dates of each prescription and discuss with you the best time for a refill, delivery, or pickup.

Our pharmacist will ensure that multiple medications do not get mixed up. We have an efficient system in place to help you out, packing medicines accordingly. For your inquiries, kindly call us at 803-802-3001.